GOAL MET!!! (50lbs Loss!!!!)

Nothing like hitting another goal to keep me motivated!

Today I hit my 50lbs loss marker and hit my goal weight of 110…

I have lost 50lbs since last January 
I have lost 20lbs since joining Team Devoted to Inspire and becoming a beachbody coach.
I have survived many holidays, birthdays, fake excuses, injuries, traveling and my own negative thoughts.
I have come out the other side changed way more than I ever expected.
I have CHANGED mind, body & soul! 

Photos to come down the road. For now it is time to turn the dream weight to a goal and start working on toning & abs!!

Thank you to all of you on this amazing journey with me

Want to know how I am doing it all or want to join me?
Feel free to message me or type “Change” below.

AHHHH I still can’t believe I have lost 50lbs!!!!!!




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